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          —— THREE PLATFORMS ——

          research institute
          The team members are from 985 or 211 universities in China, more than 80% of the master's degree and above. It is a high quality R & D team full of passion and vitality for innovation and diligence.
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          Intelligent manufacturing
          The world's leading industrial interconnected manufacturing system + annual capacity of 100000 tons of industrial media and 3000 sets of equipment.
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          Interactive platform
          Focus on user value and realize mobile interconnection
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          Two major services

          Your overall solution provider for industrial medium

          Our customers

          Application case:01 solutions of automobile vehicle and spare parts industry

          Automobile manufacturing is a very complex process. There are many sophisticated technology support ...

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          Application case:02 Home appliance industry solution

          Explore Kerun extensive products and solutions of Ke run,effective facilities management, environme...

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          Application case:03 Aerospace industry solutions

          Kerun solution of airun aerospace manufacturing industry will helpyour company stand firmly in the ...

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          Application case:04 Wind power industry solution

          With reliable products, solid technology and thoughtful service,we have become one of the best part...

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          Application case:05 General machinery industry solution

          High temperature, high intensity, high risk and bad environmentare the biggest challenges for manufa...

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          Kerun’s responsibility line of green environmental protection is completed satisfactorily

          In March,the recovery of all things spring, spring...

          The theme activity of branch Kerun party branch: cheer for motherland

          In order to further study andcarry out the ideolog...

          Moving hands:Make a concerted effort to shovel the snow

          An inscription: a bit of broken snow, friends c...

          Kerun with overall solution of industrial medium participate in the18th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition

          Kerun with overall solution ofindustrial medium p...

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          蘇ICP備19853237號  公司郵箱




          TEL / FAX:025-52101342

          ADD:No. 31 Qinhuai Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing